Augmenting Cognition

There are many ways to enhance cognition, such as cognitive training software, meditation, medications, physical exercise, special foods, etc. The use of software seems to be very effective and basically has no side effects. The only adverse event I came across is dizziness, which seldom occurs, and is probably due to motion sickeness from playing the video games. It has also been shown that combining physical exercise with software use will increase effectiveness. This is discussed in an interesting issue from Frontiers in Neuroscience (issue 1 volume 3 May 2009)which was dedicated to Augmenting Cognition.

Enhancing Cognition in every domain should be very beneficial for any human being. This is particularly true for enhancing cognitive reserve in order to avoid the worst case scenario of having Dementia. At NeuroImage we are particularly interested in enhancing Creativity and Intelligence, and especially Creativity since this ability is what mainly characterizes us as human beings. In the future we will be interested in other cognitive domains as well.

Adolfo Cotter, MD

Jan 15/2010

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