Imaging Apoptosis in the Human Brain

Imaging neuronal cell death is an emerging field in neuroimaging. It can have many implications. In Alzheimer’s disease we will be able to evaluate if there is cell death, and the actual amount of it happening. In Stroke we will be able to evaluate the penumbĀ zone and the response to treatment. In Cancer we will be able to evaluate the response to treatment by measuring the ratio of dead cancerous cells to healthy brain tissue. In Head Trauma we will be able to evaluate the progression of pathology and if it responds to treatment. Here is an interesting article that discusses the utility of the F18-ML-10  PET  tracer for imaging apoptosis in Stroke:

Reshef A et al, Molecular Imaging of Neurovascular Cell Death in Experimental Cerebral Stroke by  PET ; J Nucl Med 2008; 49 1520-1528

Adolfo Cotter, MD

May 09/2010

No Reply

Science has always made efforts to standardize the nomenclature so to facilitate communication. Now what we are seeing is deficient communication because people do not reply. This is becoming a true epidemic. Now, what does it mean no reply? May be they are busy and will reply later, or they are ashamed, or they are lazy, or the phone broke, or they didn’t sleep well last night, or they are sick, or who knows?? We are seeing it in every realm including science, business, personal life etc. Why is it so hard to reply?

It usually takes less than a minute to reply an email or a phone call! How can we do good science if we do not communicate? There are so many ways to communicate such as: phone, fax, email, telegraph, videoconference, teleconference, social media, courier, mail, mobile phone, sms, etc. I am asking myself so we need more technology? 

  Adolfo Cotter, MD

Oct 21/2010