Helping Prevent a Society of Idiots

Throughout history the advance of technology has produced both positive and negative consequences. Technology can help us be more efficient and hopefully produce better quality work. On the other hand, more than ever before we are becoming dependent on helpful devices that are so intelligent, in some ways we are not using our brains enough. Actually I have noticed that currently very few people spend their time thinking, it’s just not fashionable anymore. The very fast development of technology is actually threatening our lives since most people do not truly understand it.

Headlines were made not too long ago, about how Neanderthals may have actually been more intelligent than us in many ways because survival of the mentally fittest had a more profound effect on natural selection at the time (WA Today, June 15th 2012)

In the modern era gyms were developed because we no longer have the time to physically exercise since most us spend our existence sitting in front of a desk. Likewise, brain gyms will have to be developed in order for people to exercise their minds, otherwise we will truly live in a society of idiots. Also, this will make people less prone to late life dementia, for example, which is causing a big burden to our society in many ways. We may be seeing this trend already!

Adolfo Cotter, MD

Jan 21/2013

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