Individualism as Beneficial for Creativity

I am reviewing a very interesting book from the Dalai Lama called “The art of happiness in a troubled world” The book mentions that individualism, and the sense of independence can be beneficial for Creativity. I find this statement related to my previous entry, where I mentioned that self- confidence can be beneficial for Creativity. If we focus on ourselves and we praise ourselves for our victories, then we should become more self-confident and thus more creative.

When we are not afraid to take responsibility for our actions, it allows us to look for new ideas and get new ideas easier because we have overcome the natural fear of diving into the unknown, which is part and parcel of the creative thought process. On the other hand we need a sense of community as well, for our well being and happiness. If we only focus on ourselves, we can become isolated and unhappy.

Adolfo Cotter, MD

Feb 12/2010

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