Neuroimaging is useful to assess Neural Stem Cell Implantation

MRI can characterize neural stem cell implantation by assessing the migration, proliferation and location. This can be achieved by labeling the neuronal “stem cells” with Iron, which can be observed with MRI. After the cells are implanted we see that the concentration of cells diminishes in the implantation area and increases in the final location of destination. During proliferation we see that the initial volume of cell increases afterwards decreases because there is dilution of the iron label. By evaluating the location of the cells we could monitor the success of the implantation. Using NMR Spectroscopy and analyzing with single voxel decomposition constitutes a recent neural stem cell biomarker. A study discussing this topic and its application to neonatal asphyxia is the following-

Ashwal S, et al; “Neuroimaging as a basis for rational stem cell therapy; Pediatric Neurology”, 2009, 40:227-236.

Adolfo Cotter, MD

Mar 30/2010

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