The development of technology is not only helping medical imaging to evolve faster but also has an important impact on other aspects of patient care. There has been an ongoing problem of assisting patients in underserved areas. Not many physicians like to relocate to rural areas and the demand in those geographical locations continues to increase. Also, the same applies to serving third world countries. Big cities have been always attractive to physicians and scientists in general due in part to the convenience of accessing resources.

Telemedicine allows doctors to practice medicine at distance. By saying this, physicians can continue to live in urban locations and practice in rural areas using telemedicine. Technologies such as video conferencing and others, is making this possible. Of course, there are aspects of medicine that do not permit the practice at distance, but certain practices do so, such as- reading imaging scans or pathology slides; following up chronic patients, etc.

Adolfo Cotter, MD

Jul 02/2012

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