Too Good to be True

You hear it often: that’s too good to be true. A long list of hucksters and criminals have used the method of offering exceptionally good opportunities in order to steal people’s money in the past, and so our society does not believe in fantastic opportunities anymore. This is very sad and dangerous for true and generous people who are now usually mistaken for being liars and criminals whenever they might “go too far” in presenting the virtues of an opportunity. In other words, true criminals who have been using this method, not only have committed the criminal act, but have deeply hurt our society by not allowing truly exceptional people to prosper. This in consequence has diminished the number of real outstanding opportunities.

At NeuroImage we thrive to provide exceptional service. We do hope our clients will not think about us as “Too good to be true”

Adolfo Cotter, MD

Nov 26/2011

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