Changing Data

I have been told lately from different sources that some scientists in academia and industry are manipulating data in order to enhance their chances of having their research accepted by a peer-reviewed journal or to simply provide the necessary evidence to support the ambitions of their corporate masters. In every case it comes down to getting money. My question to this act is: is changing data in the realm of science? The answer I have is of course, absolutely not!!

The scary picture of all this is that this might continue propagating since our economy is not necessarily improving, and the resources for research are very scarce. The sad truth is that those scientists are not doing anything related to science but just playing with numbers in order to get money, etc.. By doing this they are not allowing true scientists to get funded for real research. I think that the scientific community should be very aware of this problem and need to act quickly to come up with ways to combat this threat.

Adolfo Cotter, MD

Feb 28/2013

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