Era of Addictions

Marketing is a business tool to excite people and make them enthusiastic to buy. If the product or service we are selling is worthwhile for society and for people in general, marketing is a blessing. On the other hand, if what we are selling is of low quality, or harmful in some way to us, then marketing is a lie. We are addicted to being entertained and informed by advertising regardless of product virtue.

On top of this, it is alarming to many people including myself, that many businesses currently also use techniques and methods to make people physically addicted to what they are selling in order to continuously keep making money! It is clear to me that those businesses want to keep making money even if they know they may be hurting people’s physical and mental health. To me this amounts to a huge criminal activity. There is currently no law to stop businesses from doing this. For example, cigarettes, alcohol, even food are making many people sick and killing a huge number of them as well.

Currently there is also an epidemic of using narcotics even when they are not clinically indicated, and a big number of medical doctors just prescribe them, or even make a business out of it and many patients sell those narcotics to help them pay their bills.

In what I call the Era of Addictions addictive behaviour is not limited to clearly addictive substances like narcotics, alcohol and cigarettes, but to our modern music, our modern movies, our modern way of seeing relationships and sex, recreational and sports activity our food addictions are all around us. We view our lives through lenses like if it feels good to do and go to the max.

This is very alarming to me since it could become a way of self destruction for our society and human nature at large. We need to put limits on personal gratification.

Adolfo Cotter, MD

May 24/2013

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