EEG and fMRI Fusion

EIt has been shown that when evaluating for the time sequence of brain events, either EEG or fMRI can be inadequate. EEG is known for its high temporal resolution. fMRI is known for its high spatial resolution when compared to EEG. EEG will provide the electrical activity information and fMRI the hemodynamic information. It would make sense that fusing and combining the data available from each technology would give more robust information of the localization of the time sequence of events. A study performed by Daunizeau etal. “Symmetrical Event-related EEG/FMRI information fusion in a variational Bayesian framework” shows that this could be the case. Their results also show that a) the”localization of the time sequence of events vary between EEG and fMRI, ” b) there”is a significant finding of areas that are active on EEG and not so on fMRI. In their study they propose a model for this fusion.  They used the model on an epilepsy study and they showed that the fusion proved to be beneficial and robust. The results were validated with intracranial EEG measurements. This fusion should give better results than LORETA for source localization using EEG. I want to end this paragraph by wishing you a very successful and happy 2010!

Adolfo Cotter, MD

Jan 04/2010

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